Catherine Jinks: The Reformed Vampire Support Group

The Reformed Vampire Support Group is maybe the most original vampire novel I’ve ever read that actually uses the word “vampire.” With a few deft twists to the rules of the legend, Jinks inverts the dynamic of the modern sexy, super-strong bloodsucker. Her vamps don’t have super strength or magically accelerated healing. They can’t fly,Continue reading “Catherine Jinks: The Reformed Vampire Support Group”

Sean Stewart: Resurrection Man

I loved Stewart’s Perfect Circle so much that I bought several more of his novels, and then didn’t read any of them for a while for fear they wouldn’t live up to the expectations Perfect Circle had set. I’m glad I waited to read Resurrection Man, partly because it isn’t quite as good (it’s oneContinue reading “Sean Stewart: Resurrection Man”

Margo Lanagan: Red Spikes

Several of Lanagan’s spooky short stories start with deceptively simple, even prosaic, sentences, like “I arrived in moonlight; it wasn’t hard to find the way,” and “‘Well, at least it’s a fine night,’ said Mum.” But these innocuous openings give little away. In what era is the story set? Does it take place in worldContinue reading “Margo Lanagan: Red Spikes”

Steven Hall: The Raw Shark Texts

The Raw Shark Texts is an out-of-the-park homerun of a book for me, soaring over the Monster, bound for who knows where. My friend Marty convinced me to read it with enigmatic remarks about how he didn’t want to tell me anything about it, but thought I’d like it. That seems like a wise strategy.Continue reading “Steven Hall: The Raw Shark Texts”

Steve Squyres: Roving Mars

You could be excused for thinking that Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the Red Planet is a science book. It’s got a Martian landscape on the front cover, and the author was the “Principal Investigator” of the projects it chronicles. If you’re not careful, you might even learn a little bit aboutContinue reading “Steve Squyres: Roving Mars”