Skye Kilaen – Glorious Day

“Glorious Day” takes some fairy-tale-ish elements – a wicked king and a scheming courtier, an innocent (at least in some ways) princess, a noble-hearted guard – adds a lot of realistic emotional complexity, gives it a futuristic veneer, queers it, and remixes it all into an unusual, slow burn FF romance (with just a dash of second-chance trope).

What I liked best about was the subtly shifting balance of what characters are capable of and what other characters assume they’re capable of (physically, emotionally, intellectually). I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that ableism plays a significant role in the story, but it’s really interesting how ableism and other forms of under-estimation drive both the romantic arc and the narrative plot in different ways.

And there is definitely a plot (besides the romantic arc), with more on-page violence than I usually expect from a romance – the author does provide cautions, so take note if that is a concern.

The setting is lightly sfnal, with mention of a spaceport and happenings off-world, but mostly current/near-future tech. I might liked to have seen a bit more of the universe beyond the monarchy where the the story is set, but that really wasn’t the focus.

Eager to read more from Skye Kilaen!

(I don’t know if I need this disclaimer or not, but I’ve commented on Skye’s reviews on Goodreads and vice versa.)

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