Ruby Lang – Playing House

Delightful. The title suggests a fake relationship trope, and while that’s not completely inaccurate, it’s also a bit of a feint. And I really liked that about this book, it feels less like it’s executing romance tropes, and more like the lives it depicts have resonances with those tropes. Lots of great details make this a stand-out. I believed that Fay and Oliver know more than architecture than I do and at least as much about urban planning, but also enjoyed meeting their families and friends (including queer rep).

I understand why some commenters would have preferred a more plot complications or higher stakes, but I thought it worked very well at this length.

My first Ruby Lang. Won’t be my last!

P.S. one additional thing I appreciated, in her Acknowledgements, Lang recommends other Harlem-situated romances by Rochelle Alers and Alyssa Cole, which I think is a pretty classy way to roll.

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