Lucy Score – The Christmas Fix

Enemies-to-lovers + Reality-show-hijinks + Christmas = OMG

The set-up is already in catnip territory for me, but this is very well executed. The protagonists’ burgeoning mutual attraction evolves naturally and credibly despite the friction their roles impose on them. The book has a large and likable supporting cast, very warm tone overall, but not treacly. Seems eminently film-able, and I found myself hoping it’s under option/in development.

I really liked that Cat and Noah are both good at their jobs, and that their jobs are believable. I like romances with well developed subplots, and the help-the-town-recover-from-the-hurricane subplot here certainly qualifies.

I got a teeny bit impatient for the protags to find their way around the final obstacle to HEA, coz the solution had a large blinking “obvious” sign for me, but they did eventually get figure it out.

Rep: major supporting character is black, queer couple walk-on

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