Alix E. Harrow – The Ten Thousand Doors of January

Absolutely stunning. “Ten Thousand Doors of January” uses the familiar trope of hidden doorways to another worlds to tell a story about the power of creativity to disrupt oppressive power structures (like white supremacy).

Although it has some serious things to say, it’s also terrifically entertaining, and emotionally involving, with some twists I foresaw, and some that completely blindsided me.

It’s carefully paced and intricately structured – it offers a beautifully executed book-within-book experience – and has some slippery use of narrative voice. There are also some innovative re-imaginings of events from our world, and grace notes for lovers of fantasy to find (for instance I particularly liked how E. Nesbit’s “lost” (perhaps not sadly – according to one account I found, it is likely fundamentally racist) novel “Secret of the Kyriels” is re-invented as “The Door to Kyriel”).

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