Robert Jeschonek: Heaven Bent

Heaven Bent was published as a weekly serial ebook, a format which intrigued, but ultimately disappointed me. Perhaps I’m being unfair and it was tightly plotted from the get-go. But it felt like it could actually have been written week-by-week, with many plot threads introduced and then discarded, ill-supported twists late in the game, and a hurried wrap-up that makes me wonder if Jeschonek got bored/frustrated and opted for an earlier-than-planned exit. The tone is also wildly inconsistent — I’m not sure “silly” and “dark” can actually coexist. The narrator is kind of a jerk, but not enough of a jerk to be really interesting (his voice reminded me of the narrator of Stephen White’s Kill Me, which I didn’t like much either). It’s a story of a man who finds the afterlife is not at all what he expected it, and tries to figure out what’s going on/gone wrong, and what he should do about it. I liked the premise, but didn’t think Heaven Bent did it justice.

needs more demons? yes.

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