Diana Peterfreund : Tap & Gown

How much have I been enjoying Peterfreund’s “Secret Society Girl” novels? Not only enough that I bought the concluding volume as soon as it was released, but enough that I didn’t read Tap & Gown until now – because I didn’t want to stop having the last book in the series left to look forward to. (My delay may also partly have been from a fear that I might find the dénouement emotionally unsatisfying.)
Tap & Gown brings the series full circle – as Amy Haskel’s tenure as a member of “Rose & Grave” (read: Skull & Bones) ends, she is involved with selecting her successors. Once again there’s a dash of melodrama and a touch of mystery mixed into the coming-of-age drama. Some of the melodrama is a little silly, but some of it is plenty serious; once again I found the blend engaging overall.
And did assorted romantic entanglements end as I hoped? Sorry, that would be telling.
quibble: A phrase in the most explicit love scene confused me. It involves the soles of feet being “braced” against thighs when people are face-to-face, and I can’t quite visualize how that is supposed to work.
needs more demons? no.

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