MaryJanice Davidson: Undead and Unwed

What I liked best about Undead and Unwed is that neither Davidson nor her heroine take the proceedings too seriously. Betsy reacts to joining the ranks of the undead with sass and irreverence not totally dissimilar to Buffy’s response to learning that she is “The Slayer.” In fact, I almost wonder if that might have been part of the marketing pitch — “she’s like Buffy, except instead of The Slayer, she’s the Ubervampire. And also, she really, really, really likes high fashion shoes. Even more than Buffy.” As Buffy the Vampire Slayer did, Undead and Unwed has its, er, stake and eats it too — honoring some timeworn vampire clichés while simultaneously poking fun at them. I literally laughed aloud a few times.

I also found it less insulting to the reader’s intelligence than many paranormal romance books. Davidson doesn’t really explain why Betsy’s corpse wasn’t embalmed, for instance, but at least the issue is raised within the novel.

Toward the end, the Undead and Unwed takes a turn in the power struggle between rival vampire clans direction, a theme I find tiresome. But, on the bright side, Betsy finds it tiresome too, so maybe, just maybe, it won’t dominate future entries in the franchise.

needs more demons? nah.

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