Ann Aguirre: Grimspace

Grimspace is a fast-moving space opera that melds an impressive array of tropes and plot devices — the emotionally damaged protagonist, the corrupt interstellar megacorporation, the incrementally revealed backstory, and a plethora of captures, escapes, and firefights among others — into a surprisingly cohesive whole. The overall vibe, with a small crew of misfits on the run, reminded me of Firefly, only a bit racier. Grimspace isn’t recommended for anyone who requires extrapolative rigor — among other howlers, at one point a visitor to a space station is advised to head “west” — but I thought it was fun anyway. I will read more.

needs more demons? not so much.

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likes: equality, making things easier to use, biking, jangle, distortion, monogamy dislikes: bigotry, policies that jeopardize people, lack of transparency

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