Charlie Huston: Six Bad Things

I liked Six Bad Things, but not nearly as much as its predecessor Caught Stealing. In first novel Hank Thompson is a basically ordinary guy abruptly thrust into an over-the-top noir situation; by the time the second novel opens, Thompson isn’t so much a regular Joe anymore, so the book lacks the charm of the innocent in over his head. Both novels are funny, but in different ways. In Caught Stealing the humor arose largely from Thompson’s narrative voice. In Six Bad Things much of it originates from a mildly satirical plot twist that seemed a bit too obvious (although I can’t recall another book that used the same device).

Still, it certainly kept me flipping pages. And it turns out to be a great book to read when laid up with minor injuries, because pretty much however badly hurt you are, you are bound to get a “well at least that didn’t happen to me!” lift at some point.

needs more demons? maybe

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