Carrie Bebris: Suspsense and Sensibility

Suspense and Sensibility wasn’t without its charms, but I didn’t think it lived up to its predecessor, Pride and Prescience (a surprisingly successful sequel to Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in which Darcy and Elizabeth find themselves in a whodunnit with overtones of Jane Eyre).

Suspense and Sensibility ramps up the silliness considerably. It follows directly after the previous book, as Lord and Lady Darcy cross paths with characters from Sense and Sensibility (several years after the conclusion of their own novel). Once again there are echoes of another book, this time The Picture of Dorian Gray (with perhaps a dash of Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to boot). There’s also a bit of a Scully/Mulder dynamic evolving between Darcy the stolid empiricist and the more open-minded Elizabeth, and the cast of recurring characters expands to a gent with an improbable library of occult texts that seems modeled on Buffy‘s Rupert Giles’ exceedingly unlikely assemblage of arcana.

It’s all very droll and goes down smoothly enough, but since Bebris is writing for a modern audience, she spells out the sort of nastiness that Stevenson and Wilde could only allude to, and thereby subjects some of Austen’s characters to indignities that I can’t imagine the authoress countenancing. Mystery elements take a backseat this time; it’s certainly not a whodunnit — more a whydunnit or howdunnit.

Bottom line: Pride and Prescience left me eager for more; this one makes think I’ll wait a bit before reading the next volume in the series.

needs more demons? Maybe needs a bit more restraint.

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