Jack Vance: The Killing Machine

Along similar lines, Boingboing recently hepped me to an enormous archive of vintage pulp (mostly skiffy) book and magazine covers. There are plenty of beautifully crafted images by artists of genuine talent, but I think it’s more fun to make fun of those that, er, are best appreciated by the judicious application of a historical perspective:

we dance for the dom!
Well, obviously the dom is there to be obeyed. So if he says “dance”…

Science. Yuh-huh. All scientifical. And such.

sin in space
Could I make this any funnier with a snarky comment? I think not.

Roar of the RocKET
So, uh, Godzilla is a rocket?! Color me confused.

Judas Goat defined
Now, who said the pulps weren’t educational!?

Phallic robot
“Robot what?” would seem to be the operative question. Or maybe, “Who bribed the censors?”

Phallic submarine goes 'too deep'
Get yer mind outta the gutter! Sometimes a submarine is just a submarine!

no time for toffee?
Not only does it take a long time to eat, apparently it gives you a splitting headache.

man bat
Exactly the sort of portrayal from which Bruce Wayne would most like to distance himself.

another man bat
(Sample approved for public dispersal by Wayne Enterprises)

triumph of the nerd!
And finally, here’s a publisher that was really in touch with the target demographic.

Published by therealsummervillain

likes: equality, making things easier to use, biking, jangle, distortion, monogamy dislikes: bigotry, policies that jeopardize people, lack of transparency

7 thoughts on “Jack Vance: The Killing Machine

  1. Oh, and the other thing I find hilarious about that cover is that they’re standing on marble pedestals. There’s nothing that says “we are mates” like standing together on a marble pedestal.


  2. Interesting. He has a pretty widely-read blog, so I’m surprised you haven’t happened by it before. I found it through John Battelle, who I read because he covers search. Not quite the kind of search I’m interested in, but he occasionally points to things which are useful to me.


  3. He has a pretty widely-read blog, so I’m surprised you haven’t happened by it before.

    well, you should never be surprised by my ignorance. what i don’t know about the blogverse would fill, um, very, very, many blogs. but i’m grateful for this pertickular pointer.


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